Happy Mann

Happy has been living in the area for the last more than 27 years. His active involvement in the provincial politics has been there since beginning. He is not the seasonal politician that springs up around and during the elections every four years. Happy has been actively involved in the religious, cultural, social, educational and sports programs and events. His dominance over political and social issues is widely well known. His expert comments on various federal and provincial political issues have been taken seriously in the past and his dexterity in politics is what makes him a popular political figure in the community. He has been very vocal whenever the situation demanded.

Happy Mann knows the ins and outs of what he does. A successful small businessman, a devoted son of the aging and ailing parents, a dedicated father, an affectionate husband, a helping brother and a stout volunteer, Happy has been around the corner whenever and wherever he was/is needed.

Happy has been everywhere in society working for the needy – seniors, women, students, communities and societies. As the Chair of the Board, Khalsa School, Calgary, his untiring services saved hundreds of thousands dollars of public money for the greater cause of the students studying there. By slashing fee by half, he made it possible for the sports clubs to use the Khalsa school grounds and gymnasium and thus contributed towards a healthy society.

His appearances at the funeral homes and religious places all over the city make him a family oriented person and show he is a community oriented man who is dedicated fully towards the society he lives in.

Happy Mann has been always in the thick of the political struggles in the past as well and the community has always extended utmost support and cooperation to him. This time, Happy Mann is seeking the UCP nomination in the riding of Calgary-Falconridge. If elected, he will be your official representative to take on the other candidates from the different political parties to be your MLA.

Happy needs your support, vote and moral assistance! He has always been with you and requests you to be with him this time!